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June , 27

Your clients need to understand that dampness, cracking and structural timber pest damage are all risks which cannot be fully assessed through a single inspection event.

Unless the client is prepared to implement a preventative maintenance program for the property which includes systematic inspections, detection and prevention of incipient failure, then insurance may be another option to consider.

In respect of the condition of a property, a pre-purchase property inspection report is only a snap shot in time. If your client suffers a financial loss due to a problem developing with the building in the future and does not have adequate insurance to cover that loss, then the client may try and claim on your professional indemnity insurance.

When formulating a risk reduction strategy, in addition to maintenance advice your client should be made aware of insurance protection against future damage to the property caused by events such as fire, earthquake, storm, flood and escaping water.

As an example, if your client buys the property and takes out building insurance which includes storm damage, in the event of a leaking roof and a dampness problem being discovered after a storm proceeding your inspection, then the client has a no fault insurance policy to claim under.

We are proposing offering access to links that can be added to report or emails that will prompt the purchaser to obtain insurance quotes. This would be conducted completely online.