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Being notified of a potential claim can be stressful and exhausting, to assist we have created a basic summary for building inspectors, pest inspectors and pest managers of how your claim will be handled to provide some peace of mind.

Policies applicable to this summary

How will your claim be handled?

Notify Wallace Risk Solutions (WRS) of the claim or circumstance.

WRS will notify the insurer.

  • The insurer will ensure your interests are protected:
  • The insurer will provide whatever assistance you require and as is available under the policy.
  • The insurer will appoint lawyers to assist you wherever appropriate.
  • The insurer will manage the claim in full consultation with you and WRS. You will be asked to complete a Notification Form, including providing your ABN, GST and ITC details.

Once you have notified of a claim or circumstance, the claims manager will likely request the following in addition to the notification form:

  • a copy of key documents/correspondence/Court/Inquiry documents;
  • a list of all parties involved in the matter;
  • a chronology/timeline of events including when the issue first arose; and
  • your views in relation to liability and the likely cost to resolve the matter (if any cost).

It is important not to admit liability/wrongdoing for the claim or circumstance and to not take active steps in relation to any Claim or Inquiry without prior reference to your insurer and/or broker.

Once indemnity is granted, your excess will be collected. If you have a deductible/costs inclusive excess, your excess will apply to both defence costs (legal fees) and/or payments made to third parties. If your excess is costs exclusive your excess will only apply to payments made to third parties by way of settlement or judgment.

The insurer understands that claims service excellence and support is the promise we make to our insureds underlying every policy they issue.

The cornerstones of your insurers claims management philosophy are:

  • to look for ways to grant indemnity; and
  • to be agile in their approach to claims management to ensure that they manage claims as our insureds would if they could.

Panel Law Firms

The insurer(s) has a long-standing national external panel of specialist and industry leading insurance and dispute resolution lawyers who assist with the management of claims to resolution, and with the representation of insureds at disciplinary enquiries and hearings.
All of the insurers panel firms are highly experienced in the management of negligence claims and disciplinary enquiries involving insureds.

Broadform Liability Insurance

Many policies also contain broadform liability insurance which includes cover for personal injury, property damage or advertising liability which is caused by an occurrence happening in connection with your business. For more information regarding broadform liability, please contact your broker.

If in doubt, contact WRS on 1300 797 830 or email

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The description of the claims handling process is a summary only and subject to specific terms, conditions and exclusions specified in the policy and subject to underwriting terms.