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September , 27

According to 2014 research, 1 in 4 Australian homes will be affected by termites at least once.

You’re responsible for looking after the homes and businesses of Australians when unwanted visitors invade them, but who is looking after your business?

Pest Control Professional Indemnity Insurance arranged by Wallace Risk Solutions 

At Wallace Risk Solutions we specialise in arranging comprehensive and cost effective insurance policies for Pest Controllers across Australia. One of the highlights of our insurance packages is our tailored Professional Indemnity insurance.

Pest Managers and Pest Inspectors can access the ‘civil liability’ Professional Indemnity policy, which is significantly broader in terms of coverage and benefits.

Pest Control Professional Indemnity Insurance can cover you for an extensive list of business activities, including but not limited to the below.​

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We Understand the Risks Faced By Pest Controllers

Currently insuring a large number of businesses in the Pest Control industry, we know the specific risks that you face in your daily operations.  As such, we’ve tailored coverage that addresses these risks to ensure that you’re appropriately covered.

With our experience behind you, you can continue with your business operations with the peace of mind that you are fully protected.

Our Pest Control Professional Indemnity Insurance

The latest Professional Indemnity policy wording, means that your Pest Control Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover a wider range of circumstances. Below are some of the things that me be included in your coverage:

  • Contractual Liability

Contractual liability coverage will cover the liability that one party assumes on behalf of the other under a contract.

  • Intellectual Property

Intellectual property coverage will cover the cost of defence of intellectual property in case of an infringement suit or in the case of settlements or judgements.

  • Libel or Slander

Libel or slander coverage will cover the cost of defence in case of a libel suit or in the case of settlements or judgements.

  • Sub-contractors and Consultants

Sub-contractor and consultant coverage protects your business against several risks associated with hiring a subcontractor or consultant.

  • Consumer Protection Legislation

Consumer protection legislation coverage will cover the cost of defence in case of a lawsuit relating to consumer law or in the case of settlements or judgements.

In addition, with coverage through Wallace Risk Solutions you will automatically receive the following benefits through your policy:

  • Automatic Reinstatement

Automatic reinstatement means that your policy limit will be restored directly after a claim has paid out.

  • Continuous Cover

Continuous coverage means no lapses in your insurance coverage. This is especially important if you are left susceptible to financial hardship due to an unexpected event.

  • Dishonesty of Employees

This is one the key coverages provided by Wallace Risk Solutions’ Pest Control Insurance, protecting your business from financial loss due to potential fraudulent activities by employees.

  • Official Investigation and Enquiry Costs

This added benefit will protect you in case of official investigations or enquiries. These costs can be financially trying, luckily Wallace Risk Solutions’ Pest Control Insurance now covers you for just this situation.

  • Joint Venture Liability

Joint ventures can be risky. Make sure that you are appropriately covered for Joint Venture Liability.

  • Lost Documents

Claims for lost or damaged of documents may not be covered under other insurance policies, however, at Wallace Risk Solutions, we provide the cover you need.

  • Claims Preparation Costs

Cover the costs of preparing a claim by purchasing Wallace Risk Solutions’ Pest Control insurance policy, complete with Professional Indemnity.

  • Court Attendance Costs

Court costs can quickly escalate; don’t let your business suffer. Purchase Wallace Risk Solutions’ Pest Control Insurance today, complete with Professional Indemnity.

  • Statutory Liability

In Australia it is possible to purchase liability cover for legal fees resulting from a party being held responsible for an action or omission related to law that is not open to interpretation.

  • Fidelity

Fidelity liability will cover your business in case of loss due to employee dishonesty. Don’t get caught out, purchase Wallace Risk Solutions’ Pest Control.

  • Public Relations Expenses

Public relations expenses can occasionally be a costly but necessary expense. Your Professional indemnity cover, now protects you against this and a variety of other potential financial threats to your business.

Coverage under different insurance policies varies.

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